Trying Out Huji Cam: The Disposable Camera App

I recently discovered a really cool and simple photo app thanks to @, so I thought I would do a little review of it because I'm sure a lot of people would like it (although as soon as I started using it I also started noticing pictures very clearly taken using it everywhere, so I guess it's pretty popular already).

The app is called Huji Cam and essentially simulates a disposable camera, adding really nice film effects and randomised light leaks that allow for a fun and slightly unpredictable experience. You can also add a time stamp to your pictures if you so desire, which is a nice touch.

The results are lovely and feel like very spot on imitations of film photos. It's not a perfect recreation, but it doesn't need to be, and it captures the look and feel remarkably well. I'm probably going to be taking a lot more pictures in the near future just because I love this app's look so much.

One thing I really enjoy as well is the app's quirky layout, designed to mimic the look of a disposable camera. It adds a nice element of novelty, but without being clunky or uncomfortable in the process. I've been pining for disposable cameras recently, so this comes at the perfect time for me and I'm going to go take a million photos with it immediately.

Colour & Time

My paint palette has been this inside cover of a notebook for a while, and it's getting steadily more lumpy. I'm really enjoying using the same palette a lot. It's a nice way to see progress and how it changes over time the more I use it. It's good.

It's nice to make the passage of time something pleasant. It's easy to worry about it, but if you frame it in a way that let's you enjoy and celebrate it, then it can become something positive. That's why I'm not scared of getting older, because all it means is that I get to do more stuff.

Spring Blossoms & Fickle Friends

The blossoms and blue skies are out and saying hello right now, and looking at all these paintings reminds me of all the nice colours starting to appear everywhere. These are kind of soft and chaotic and they feel nice and happy and springy.

It's strange how much my mood and focus can be shaped by the increased appearance of sunlight, or changes in the nature around me, as well as something like getting into a new band. I've been listening to Fickle Friends almost non-stop for about two weeks. There's such a real, burning joyfulness to their songs and they make me feel so filled with colour.

Listening to them is like being at a party, right in the middle when everyone's at their peak in terms of enjoying the night. When it's early enough to feel the buzz and energy of everyone, but late enough that the introduction has faded into chaotic, cackling social camaraderie. Something like that.

Like stars and fireworks and fairy lights, but all against a bright blue afternoon sky.

Paper Dogs & Polo Shirts

I used to wear a polo shirt as part of my school uniform, so I've been conflicted about them for a long time, but now I've decided I fully enjoy them. The thing about them is that they're pretty shapeless and loose and unremarkable, but they have a slight air of postal worker professionalism about them with their cute little collars, and that makes me love them.

My reaction when I wear a polo shirt. That's right, I become Vic Reeves.

I think wearing blue polo shirts is also quite fun. First of all, this blue is very nice. It's a gentle colour. Soothing. Calm. It does have a slightly uniform-y look to it, which I like. Just a nudge in that direction, so you look a tiny bit smart but absolutely still casual. It's good, I think. Also, I just like to have buttons below my neck. It feels right and always looks nice for me personally to have a bit of detail there. I enjoy it.

I should probably acknowledge the paper dog now, which is really only there for a nice visual addition. Thank you, paper dog, for your services. Any outfit does immediately look better with a paper dog.

Invisalign Update: 11 Trays & Almost Straight!

I'm currently on my 11th Invisalign tray, meaning I've been wearing braces for around 21 weeks so far, or almost 5 months. I've just been given my last 4 tray sets (11-14), so I should be all set for getting the composite attachments removed from my teeth in 2 months, assuming everything goes perfectly.

It's been a gradual change, as you'd expect, but I realised recently that I've already forgotten what my teeth really looked like at the beginning of treatment. Here's a comparison of my teeth before I started Invisalign and how they look now:

Before Invisalign.


I'm really impressed by how they look now. I'm a little astonished actually, because I haven't really noticed just how much they've changed. I'm really excited to see what they look like in 2 months. I've kinda put Invisalign to the back of my mind as it's become an everyday part of my life, and I suppose since my teeth look rather silly with the attachments on, I haven't been looking at them too hard. Looking back on the old footage and pictures of my teeth has reassured me though, because it really is quite a stark difference when you look at it.

Call me strange, but I'm excited to bite into an apple and see a neat bite mark. It's the little things in life, eh? Also, I love flossing now. I'm fully converted to the gospel of flossing after every meal. It feels so good and right. My teeth feel clean all the time and my gums never bleed. Dental hygiene is genuinely my passion now.

I think I'm gonna miss the composite attachments when they're gone, just a bit. They're kinda cute.

Glasses Are Cute

I've been seeing some glasses positivity lately and I am extremely here for it, since I remember being a newly bespectacled twelve year old gripped with concern about my new glasses which obviously rendered my face instantly ridiculous. Rectangles? On my face? It's more likely than you think!

I was so embarrassed to have to be wearing a facial bra that I don't think I was even grateful for being able to see. I'd spent a while steadily developing blurry vision until I couldn't read anything on my teachers' whiteboards unless I sat at the front of the class, but this happened gradually enough that I didn't figure out there was actually something wrong with my eyeballs. I just thought constant squinting was normal, for some reason. Maybe my brain got blurry too, somehow.

I only really started to feel positive towards glasses when we started to get some different shape options for frames. Much more circular frames had started to get popular in the early 2010s and I was thrilled, because I was sick of awful, terrible rectangles and wanted some cool circles to put in front of my eyes. The circle, as we all know, is the best shape. It's a fact. And as the best shape, it would also surely be the best and coolest shape to have adorning my face. So I did get some circular glasses, although they were frameless around the lenses. They were the best.

Later, I went for a slightly less explicitly circular style. Rounded, though, because I think the softened look works much better on my face than super angular styles (hence my long-standing hatred for rectangular lenses). I'm glad there are lots of style options for glasses these days, and I'll even accept those strange and questionable people who wear glasses purely for fashion, because in all fairness they do look very cute.

I've been convinced that glasses are actually very cute and good now. Honestly, I'm just thankful to be able to see things. Seeing things is pretty okay. So thanks, glasses.

I may even one day wear rectangles again. Don't hold me to that though.

Spring Wishlist: 5 Light Jackets

Spring is attempting to exist at the moment, and as a result of being reminded that my winter coat is not surgically attached to my body, I can't stop thinking about light/medium jacket options. There's something about wearing a long coat for extended periods of time that makes me desperate to release myself from its clutches and wear a cute jacket instead. But what kind of jacket? Well, that's where the fun comes in.

Since I love to browse, I've compiled a list of jackets I like. This list includes Amazon affiliate links, because hey, if you end up buying something, I'd love to earn 15p. My dream is always to earn 15p. Anyway, JACKETS.

1. Pink Button-Up Coat

I love the style of this. Anything with lapels immediately makes me happy because I am the UK's number one fan of blazers, but I also really love the colour, and I'm pleased by the generous pockets and drawstring bottom.

2. Patchwork Windbreaker

I've seen a few of these windbreakers around lately and I think they're pretty cute. They're very reminiscent of camping trips with my family, and my whole family pretty much gets their outerwear from those outdoors shops for camping/walking/hiking, so I feel somewhat conflicted about stuff like this, but ultimately I know I must embrace my genetic programming to wear this kind of outdoors gear. Also, pink and navy is a nice colour combo.

3. Yellow Biker Jacket

I've been thinking about biker jackets a lot recently, and to me they're one of the most satisfying types of jacket to wear. They tend to keep warmth in really well but also be nice and light, AND incredibly cool looking. The best of all worlds. My number one jacket wish is to get a biker jacket right now, but I'm wondering about different colour possibilities. The classic black is flawless, but what about this mustard yellow option?

4. Hooded Spring Jacket

This jacket taps in to the outdoorsy style again, but I'm a big fan of this kind of softened and nicely tailored stuff you can get that looks like a nice compromise between outdoorsy, casual, and a little bit of smart. This looks pretty comfy.

5. Fluffy Fleece Jacket

I had to include this one because it just looks so comfy. I'm easily swayed by anything fuzzy, because my dream is to have all manner of blanket and blanket-related items be acceptable and respected outerwear. Those big pockets are enticing as well.


This was a fairly varied selection of jackets, but some types I didn't mention but also love include green canvas army jackets (with big pockets, of course) and blazers. I might do a wishlist of blazers, since I really do love them with all my heart. I hope that brief trend for jersey material and/or super comfy, thick blazers comes back. I regret not purchasing every comfy grey blazer in sight during that time.