Oh, what's this? Just some dogs, nothing to see here. Only dogs. Sometimes there are just dogs. Sometimes that's how it is. This is one of those times. The dog times.

Yeah, there are a lot of dogs. They're just here. Being dogs. Look at them go! They sure are dogs.

The traditional dog hymn detailed in the above picture must be performed to the same melody as the chorus of the holy song 'Sexbomb' by Tom Jones. What a beautiful, reverent tune.

Dog culture is truly a rich and wonderful thing. Many delights are to be found in the vastness of dog customs. Thank you, dogs. You have shown us so much. We will be forever grateful.

Why is Addams Family Values So Great?

When Addams Family Values is on, the world is different. Everything is right. It's one of those movies that just kinda seeps into me and seems to represent everything I like and care about at once in some spooky, sarcastic, silly, and sentimental way. Stripes, and goofy stuff, only the most mirthful romance, and Carol Kane grinning. All of my favourite things, all of the time.

I love the Gomez and Morticia dynamic and the way the movie mirrors this somewhat with Wednesday and the boy she meets at camp (especially at the end when he turns up with a drawn on Gomez-style moustache). Most things even resembling child romance plots make me feel a bit weird for various reasons, but growing up I always liked the whole thing they had here. The way Wednesday is extremely stoic about it despite clearly reciprocating, the way they speak with a child's version of the over the top drama and intensity of Wednesday's parents, and also just the level of awe and camaraderie shown that actually feels real in a way that I think is pretty hard to get right. I always watched those scenes and felt somehow understood in a particular way.

I also love Debbie so much. She's a great villain and of course Joan Cusack is amazing and I seem to always find her performances really affecting. I always remember the scene in School of Rock where she talks about how much she loves Stevie Nicks. For some reason it just really stuck with me. And in this movie she gets to be this incredible powder pink murderer, perfectly smug and powerful and fabulous, but with the just the right ridiculousness as well. I really would love to dress up as her and get one of her outfits perfectly matched. The dream.

It's just such a great move. It's the greatest. I just watched it, but I want to watch it again already. Please bring snacks to my house and watch it with me immediately. Thanks.

Journal: Stars, Skies, & Mouths

It seems like I've been preoccupied with painting wobbly little stars in my journal most recently. I love those little guys. So wobbly. So blobby. So beautiful. The perfect forms. Truly an inspiration to us all.

I also seem to be increasingly drawing characters without mouths, which is kinda fun. They don't need them! They're just here to look at the stars! I like the even more simplified look, although with this little person above I painted more complex eyes, but sometimes that juxtaposition is fun too. Endless options. I like to switch around slightly more complex or realistically depicted features and simplified or absent features. There's so many tiny little variations and I love figuring them out and putting them together.

I also, again, am really liking using these painterly sort of backgrounds where you can see the texture of the brushstrokes and stuff. It's like some kind of abstract sky and gives this nice extra depth, like this could be a world of abstract yellow sky, maybe. You never know what's going on in these little imaginary places. But there are definitely a lot of stars.

My Top 5 Favourite Songs From Musicals

I've been thinking about all of the songs from musicals that I love and I thought it would be fun to compile a list of some of the ones I like best, so here's a list of some of my strong favourites. Will I listen to every song from Little Shop of Horrors after I write this? Quite possibly.

1. Skid Row - Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors is perhaps my favourite musical on a conceptual level, just because I love some evil alien plant plot, truly. How could I not? And of course, I love Rick Moranis, and I will never stop loving Rick Moranis. But also, I love the ways it touches on poverty and its downtrodden characters. In this song we're introduced to Skid Row, the miserable setting for our hapless plant feeder, and it is the best.

I love the slow building intro that develops all of a sudden into these incredible, climbing verses. It's the best.

2. Rainbow High - Evita

Patti LuPone is the queen of my heart and mind in every moment, but this song is my big favourite from Evita. I live for the declaration "I need to be thrilling" and the chanting backing vocals create a wonderfully sinister theatrical feel. Like you're performing a ritual. And really, she is.

3. Shock Treatment - Shock Treatment

Everyone knows The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and that has some great songs (how can I be expected to resist Meatloaf? I can't), but I have a huge soft spot for this title song from the follow up musical, Shock Treatment. The way Richard O'Brien barks his lines out like he is constantly on the verge of descending into the basement of a haunted house is a delight and a pleasure, and the chorus rocks.

4. Once Upon a Time in New York City - Oliver & Company

This is easily one of my favourite Disney movies based on the soundtrack alone. There is a perfect mix of goofiness (Bette Midler's song about the trials and tribulations of being a very beautiful dog, for example) and some stuff that will make me cry. This song is one of the things that will make me cry. It opens the movie, it sets the tone really well, and my tear ducts are instantly activated when Huey Lewis sings "keep your dream alive". Good.

5. Mama Who Bore Me - Spring Awakening

This song is the only one on this list from a musical I haven't seen, but it doesn't matter because this song is amazing and I had to include it. It's incredibly gentle and melancholy and then the most beautifully rageful despair, howling into the woods. Or at least, that's what I like to imagine. Lea Michele just screaming into the night. It's an incredible expression of angst, and I can't help but feel intensely moved by this song.

Musicals! They're good and I like them.

Let's Run Away (a tiny poem)

let's run away
into the sky
don't know how to get there
but can't we try?

legs treading air
hands on the stars
let's run away
and make the sky ours


I watched a spooky 1946 movie starring Vincent Price and Gene Tierney recently, and it's my new favourite thing. It's called Dragonwyck, and I found it by chance. I seem to find a lot of movies that I watch on YouTube on a whim that end up being some of my favourite movies ever. This happened with Angel's Egg, and April Bride - two of the greatest movies I've ever seen. And it's the same with this one.

I love anything that has elements of classic gothic horror, and this has some really beautifully acted spooky stuff and so many brilliantly dramatic lines. It's very quotable, I think, even if you just repeat Miranda's hopeless expression of admiration, "golly Moses!"

The look of the film is so beautifully constructed and develops the unease very well, with external shots of Dragonwyck itself reminding me of the Mickey Mouse short 'The Mad Doctor' from thirteen years prior. A pointy, stormy, gothic house. Always a good sign.

The costuming is amazing too, and I love the white dress Miranda wears to the ball (pictured above). Of course, the standout is the incredible acting, particularly from leading actors Gene Tierney and Vincent Price. It's so great watching them.

Here are their fear faces. Look at them! So good.

Watch Dragonwyck. You won't regret it.

Some Black Paintings & Useful Talismans

I did a bunch of happy little black paintings, and here they are! I like painting pretty small pictures but with very thick lines. Lines that threaten to absorb everything into a blob sometimes. I love to live in fear of having everything be consumed by a mass of unruly paint. That's how it should be sometimes. Unpredictable, wobbly, and fun. My three main personality traits, coincidentally.

It's great how it never gets less fun to draw a stick figure. They're so fundamental and basic, yet so expressive and goofy. They can be anything. They're endlessly malleable. Maybe I should be like a stick figure, come to think of it. Maybe I should start a lifestyle based on stick figures. It could get as big as minimalism. Yes, I think that'll be my next scheme. Please support my schemes.

Here, of course, is a dog who is filled with love. And why wouldn't he be? That's just the natural state of a dog, after all. But still, it's worth noting and respecting. Life is all about appreciation, really, in many ways, so please appreciate this love dog. What a sweetheart.

Now we happen upon the dog witch. Of course, this dog is also filled with love, but she is going to turn her love into many devious and exciting spells. I wish her luck in her quest. She's very resourceful. I hope there is a crime series made about her solving crimes in a small English village. It's what she deserves.

Lastly, here are some hearts. Very important talismans for you. And furthermore, here is a dog:

Please don't leave without it. It will make you immune to petrification. Handy!