Here are some mysterious lumpy friends. What are they thinking about? What are they doing? Probably mashed potatoes. One of the wonders of the world.

There's not much going on here but sometimes you have an empty head, and I feel like we should celebrate and enjoy emptyheadedness. It's a nice place to be sometimes. Let's all stay there for a while.

Sou Fujimoto's 'Futures of the Future' Exhibition @ Japan House London

A sculpture made of Pringles. What more do I need to say? I went to Japan House London recently to check it out, and I found this really cool architectural exhibition there by Sou Fujimoto. Around the entrance to the building are a sequence of small sculptures on stands, made from various household and everyday items.

Sponges, Pringles, toilet roll tubes - things like that. There's something really charming about the forms themselves and the little people sitting and standing around them, but what I really like is the humour. It's funny, silly, clever, and somehow quite emotionally dense with all of this.

It has a great sense of playfulness in constructing these perfect little forms, and through the tongue-in-cheek captions and the warping of objects we see perhaps daily, it poses an intriguing look at architecture and how we position it in our minds. It gives us the glee of these bizarre, seemingly spontaneous forms. There's an unpredictableness and humour where you might expect a rigid, considered, business-like outlook.

It's so great.

Dogs & The Dark

Here are some spooky glowy yellow and black paintings. Yellow is such a good colour. I'm a fan of yellow. Smileys are yellow, streetlights are yellow, and maybe cool jumpers and backpacks are yellow (listen, I love looking at all those Tumblr posts that are cute still life arrangements of flowers and yellow backpacks and stuff, it's super serene and nice).

I guess I was thinking inadvertently about all the things that make me feel great here, painting the stars and a misc. graveyard at night. These are the things that make me happy. Actually, come to think of it, I'm really into the night. I like it when it's dark. I love sunset and I love all the streetlights and the atmosphere after dark. And that time after midnight when it starts to get oddly quiet and empty. Man, I love that.

I love the moon, a dark path, a graveyard. The solitude of being up late or early. It's like a liminal space all its own. It's great.


I think people forget all the time that we're worth something just for existing. Like we always want to be doing something or making something or being something. But we really don't have to be anything. We should reminds ourselves of that. Because it's simple, really, and I'm reminded of this every time I look at a friend and, I don't know, I see the way their eyes crinkle when they laugh or something like that. Isn't that everything? It's really everything.

I think this is part of why I like making scans of myself so much, because it's like, for a moment, I'm really just me. It's like stripping away everything except my basic existence. I'm just here and it's me. It's soothing. It makes me feel real.

I just want to remember that. To just exist. This is enough.

Diary: Sun Fuzz

It's July. My brain has melted. Every day I consider moving to Lapland, living in a small hut, and having a rich social circle composed exclusively of reindeer. Here's my diary.

I've apparently been watching a ridiculous amount of TV lately. I watched the first season of 13 Reasons Why, both seasons of Glow, and started on Good Girls. All fun in their own strange and unique ways. I have also been experiencing severe pretzel cravings which I believe can never be fully satisfied.

I've also been reading some Agatha Christie and playing a heap of Final Fantasy IX, which has been really nice. It's been great just reading and watching and playing a bunch of stuff, although I've been journaling and drawing here and there too (especially while I watch TV). I don't think I've been concentrating so much. There's a fuzz upon my brain, so I think watching TV really helps me to focus a bit sometimes.

I have a folder full of old paintings and I forgot just how much stuff was in there, so I spent a while this weekend cropping some paintings and sorting them. It's a strange and fun feeling to look through old art. I also went to the theatre to see Brief Encounter, and it was so great. The music, the actors, the staging. Just everything about it I loved so much.

I Love Mickey Mouse

I've been watching a bunch of the current Mickey Mouse shorts (beginning in 2013) lately, and I am super in love with them. I recently wrote a little bit about the '30s Mickey Mouse cartoons that I love so much because of their fluidity and expression (and especially their use of sinister themes and characters), but I wanted to talk about how great the shorts are that we get right now.

Croissant de Triomphe

The third in the first series of these shorts is 'Croissant de Triomphe' - a story set in Paris and involving a perilous transportation of croissants. This, alongside others, would mark the start of a geographic element for several of these shorts which makes for one of my favourite things about the series. The fact that Mickey & Co. speak French and other languages in a few of these episodes is a nice touch, and it's astonishing the amount of love, care, and incredible design that so clearly went into making each location stand out and look right.

O Sole Minnie

There's such an attention to detail spanning the shot design, the character design (which implements a modern version of the classic forms of characters beautifully), and the backgrounds. I love the colours, the textures, and the vibrant sense of movement present in every episode.

No Service

The humour is also well-written and charming, featuring plentiful examples of inventive and surprising slapstick alongside perfect silly character moments, and sometimes ingenious and surreal concepts (like a short in which Mickey misplaces his ears - the use of sound in this one is great).

No Service

Overall, I'm astonished by how gripping and enjoyable these shorts are, and it's really inspiring to see such an experimental and fresh series for Mickey and his friends that still manages to maintain many of the best elements of the classic cartoons. I highly recommend these.

Croissant de Triomphe

A Bug's Life eBay Wishlist (Because I'm A Normal Person)

Some days you find yourself browsing eBay for various A Bug's Life licensed merchandise, because you have been deeply obsessed with A Bug's Life since you were eight years old, and you think to yourself, "you know what? I could do a wishlist post on my blog about these glorious artefacts of old" - and you do. It's a universal experience. We've all been there. And today, my friends, is that day for me, so please survey these beautiful wonders that I am having to use all of the willpower in my body to avoid buying.

1. Flea Circus Playset

I remember having one of these Polly Pocket style sets and I loved the little tiny characters so much. This is the coolest thing imaginable. Nothing else has ever been cooler. I love that it folds into a giant P.T. Flea. Beautiful.

2. Large Talking Flik

Look at him. His shiny metallic look. His Crazy Frog squat. His backpack presumably filled with worry. I love him. I need him.

3. 8" Plush Flik

Listen, Flik is so jittery, I think he just needs a hug. Let me hug him. Please. What do you mean it's inappropriate for me to bring this to a business meeting? Do you have no respect? No compassion? How dare you.

4. Inventor Flik Toy Figure

I really the darkened sections on his hands, feet, and antennae here for some reason. I don't know why it's there, but I like it. I also like and respect that he looks angry. He's ready to invent. Angrily. That's the best way.

5. Panini Prismatic Sticker Set

I remember collecting these for the Panini sticker book back in 1999 or whenever, and these shiny prismatic stickers with the beautiful line art still thrill me to this day. I need them, to stick on everything. Stick them directly onto my heart.


So these are the astonishing relics and treasures I have been enjoying looking at on eBay the most, but I would like to offer honourable mentions to this Dot plush figure, and these Flik and Atta mugs, because Dot is very cute, and quite frankly I wish to sip from the head of the princess. Good day.