It's really been a while since I did stuff in my journal like this. I've been focusing on making paintings and drawings lately, mostly on paper rather than in a journal. I thought it would be cool and good to lie down on my bed and watch TV and do some thick, scribbly pencil stuff in my journal in particular for a while. I love all the scratchy, reflective lines. They're a bit ghostly in a way, and I like the sound a pencil makes.

I also have a bunch of pens in odd colours that I don't quite know what to do with, so it makes sense to journal with them and experiment a bit with my more neglected materials and some weird and unusual shapes and stuff.

One thing I definitely avoid a lot in journals is painting, just because I know I'm going to have to make sure the pages will stay open when drying, and then I can't carry on to the next page for a while. It's sheer impatience, but when I do paint in my journal I remember that it's really fun to make painted spreads, so I should probably do it more.

One of the best things about journaling is the way you get to look at a collection of things later. It's good to be able to see things inextricably linked to other things. Elements mingling and intruding on each other. It creates a good opportunity to look at things differently and you can press all your drawings together to make a cute little monster, maybe.

Scanner Adventures: Again & Always

I just looked through a bunch of old scans and I realised maybe I've been doing them a bit less in recent months. I think I might do some more of them soon. Gotta keep scanning my face! It's interesting looking at my earliest ones from 2012 because they still look almost the same in most ways. I did like making vertical ones a lot more back then. Maybe I'll try that again.

I think I might also try doing some more artistic and strange ones again soon. I do like to include little props and drawings a lot these days, but it's all been fairly straightforward more recently, and it would be nice to throw some leaves or dirt or pieces of confetti down on the scanner bed, or make some collages, or even just some black and white scans, again.

Either way, here's my face. Again.

Diary: Letters & Graves

It's June, and I have prepared a device that will spray me directly in the armpits with deodorant approximately every twelve minutes, as is necessary. I've been really enjoying making stuff and taking time to do so slowly, and I've been writing a letter or two to some friends, which is so nice and relaxing. I remember some years ago I had a few penpals, and I think it can really stick with you and feel special to send and receive little physical tokens of your friendship. I should probably send my grandma something again soon.

I got the attachments taken off my teeth after my initial Invisalign treatment came to an end. What a weird feeling it is to have smooth teeth again with no strange lumps in the middle of them. It's really cool.

I also visited a crematorium and cemetery on a hot day, and saw so many birds and flowers. It was so lovely and peaceful and pleasant. I love all the gravestones shaped like hearts. Then I spent time painting miscellaneous requests for a while and had a very chilled out time listening to some perfect soft sort of indie music like Snail Mail and Soccer Mommy (the latter in particular is a huge favourite right now).

Later, I took a walk along Westminster Bridge and other nearby places, and I always really love being surrounded by tourists. I love seeing them being excited and crowding around each other and just enjoying themselves and being cute. They're kinda inspiring. I love them.

5 Mori Girl Style Dresses | A Cute Wishlist

I've been leisurely browsing the pages of cute and strange dresses at and they have so many incredibly cute, forest-y, loose, vintage-style options in interesting patterns and colours, I had to make a list of some of my favourites. I love these styles so much. Let me guide you through them.

1. Plantlife Embroidered Maxi Dress

I love this because it is so light and airy and sweet, but also, look at the little plants. So cute. Why aren't little plants and leaves embroidered on all of my clothing? I've been living a life far too devoid of the sartorial celebration of plant life.

2. Flower Printed Dress

This dress has such a nice little floral pattern, and I love the dark forest green. Very satisfying. I would like to look more like a pine, if I'm honest. A pine under the mountain somewhere.

3. Half Button Plaid Mini Dress

I love the colours these come in, and again the billowing, vintage cut and gentle check pattern combined with a button-up top half is super cute. Let me wear these and greet cows every day and gather dandelions or something. Let me carry around a little basket of jam.

4. Short Sleeve Button Up Dress

This dress is so simple, yet so pretty. I love the buttons, the dark blue colour, and the crinkly fabric/pleats.

5. Leaf Print Drawstring Waist Dress

Now this one is perhaps a bit of an odd colour choice for me, but I'd really like to try some more daring and strange colour/pattern combos, and this colour reminds me of forest fruits yoghurt, or blackberry, which can surely only be a good thing. The print is lovely, and I like the dark blue contrasted against the earthy pink.


Which one do you think is the cutest?


Don't demand excellence in everything you do. Fall over in the snow. Wear your comfy clothes. Send messages to people whenever you feel like it. Burn memories, or keep them safe in a special box. Change you name if you want to. Formally or not. Watch trash TV. Read weird poetry. Walk along the river at night and laugh at geese. Share snacks. Grow old.

This is a picture of my grandfather having a lovely time perching on a rock.

Everyone's so afraid of ageing, of doing things wrong, of not doing enough, of looking bad. But we should do all of those things, with glee and with wild abandon. Run naked through the fields of time at sunset as a cow watches on, unbothered. Laugh hard and count your wrinkles, a reminder of all your funny faces, your comical frowns, and the times you see babies and you just gotta grin at them.

If you stop dreading getting older, then it can become a fun collecting process where you gather all the cute and silly and strange little memories that can rush behind your eyes in a montage set to a Carly Rae Jepsen song. You can look forward to whatever cool thing you will do or see when you're 55 and you've just bought an ugly plastic frog ornament to celebrate (this is just, maybe, how I envisage myself at age 55, purchasing weird frogs).

What's so great about youth anyway? Maybe you've got smooth skin and you can drink 1 (one) alcohol without feeling like something has died in your face the next day, but maybe you're also a beehive of worry and pressure. Your youthfulness does nothing to make you less insecure about all the little bodily things you know about yourself that you think are weird (ironically probably the things other people think are beautiful about you - your moles, the way your hair sticks up, your oddly shaped nose). Maybe it's idolised because it's a beginning, but what's a beginning when you can be in the middle of the story, which you thought was going to be conventional but that actually involves the acquisition of some ugly frog ornaments? Maybe it turns out to be a way better story.

No one knows what's going to happen, but spending your life dreading it is a mistake. Get older. Let each new number be an exciting declaration of your place in the world. You're here, and your new number is a ticket to all the trains waiting for you at the station. Let your grey hairs grow in like threads of confetti for your head, and forget about youth. Just shave the 'th' off. Because you'll always be you, with or without it.

Mundanity Is My Passion

I've been thinking about that feeling I have when I've just gotten out of the bath. When everything is perfect and bright and good, because I'm clean, and everything feels fresh. It's like I've washed my brain, cleaned it out like a cupboard. It's so good.

All the best feelings tend to come from things like that. I love the meaningless, inexplicable, gentle pleasure that comes from just living. Nothing else is as important as that. I've been drinking a 'night time' tea lately, and it is wildly delicious. It's Pukka Night Time Tea if you're curious. It's my favourite thing now. It tastes so good and I love to drink a hot sleep drink. I'm living my dreams, and it's perfect.

Other things that are perfect and good include:

  • Wearing a new shirt, I love to wear shirts now.
  • Jenna Marbles doing basically anything. Her endeavours are weirdly inspiring. She has so much fun! I also want to have so much fun.
  • When my friends, on Twitter dot com, post either pictures of themselves or a dog they saw that day. Those are beautiful moments. Maybe I should print out those tweets and put them on my pinboard.
  • Writing letters. I love writing letters. Preferably ones that are illegible and chaotic. Love to put things in an envelope. It's nice.
  • Wearing my pyjamas for an extended period. Or clothes I use as pyjamas, but no one knows, so I have the illusion of not wearing my pyjamas when I know the secret, the sneaky truth.

There are so many perfect domestic things and I am v. happy about them. That's all.

Moomins & A Hamster: Kawaii Box ♡ Review & Giveaway | June 2018・°☆

✶✵ This post contains items gifted to me for review purposes. ✵✶

Blippo have sent me another Kawaii Box to review (please scroll to the bottom to enter the giveaway to win your own), and once again I am pleased and delighted with the adorable items inside. Let's take a look.


  1. Hamster Soft Bag Charm
  2. Hello Kitty Strawberry Marshmallows
  3. Moomin Memo Pad Set
  4. Cute Bunny Drink Coaster
  5. Sumikko Gurashi Deco Stickers
  6. Drinking Straw Pen
  7. Panda Bento Rice Mold
  8. Salmon Sushi Boy Squishy
  9. Precure Grape Gummies
  10. Neko Ears Soft Headband

I think my favourite item is probably the Moomin memo pad set, because I'm always drawn to memo pads. If I was a dragon I would probably be sitting on a pile of them at all times. That would be my hoard, and I would write all the other dragons cute notes all the time. That's my fantasy.

The Hello Kitty strawberry marshmallows are very exciting. Marshmallows? With strawberry stuff inside? Yes please. I also love the perfect blend of cuteness in the little hamster charm and bunny coaster. Very cute, very nice.

I also love this set of big Sumikko Gurashi stickers. They're satisfyingly large and I always love to see a big, chunky pencil. It makes me want to draw things, not that I needed any encouragement.

The drinking straw pen is very fun. I like that it bends like a real straw would, and it has a tiny doughnut on the side. This is all I want and desire. I think the set for making onigiri that look like a baby panda is a lovely addition too. I gotta make some!

The Precure gummies are pretty cool (they're big gummies with Precure characters on them), and the squishy salmon sushi is my new friend who I will now consult on all decisions in my life going forward.

Lastly, here's me wearing the cat ear headband:

It's very soft. I approve.

So, what's your favourite item from this month's Kawaii Box?

And now for the giveaway. If you would like the chance to win your own Kawaii Box, all you have to do is enter via the widget below.

Entry is open worldwide, and closes on the 9th of July. Contents may vary. The winner's first name will be added to the end of this post shortly after the competition closes. Good luck, and happy snacking!

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