Mischief Hearts

Here are some mischievous hearts and their associates. What are they doing? The answer is, exclusively, mischief.

There's something that's always very good about painting in red. It's the brightest, biggest colour, and I love it. Love to just have a nice time painting some red stuff. Satisfying.

Here is a dog. What is she thinking about? Probably nothing. It looks like her brain has been replaced by one of those cutesy SNOW filters that put hearts all around you. It's not a bad trade off, really. I'd recommend it.

Here's another dog. This dog has high self esteem. That's nice.

Here's a bunny. Is she swatting away these pesky hearts, or is she inviting them closer, about to scoop them up into her arms? Who knows.

And finally, here's a dog saying "waaah." I think we can all relate to that.

Announcement: I Got a BIG FREDDO

I'm pleased to announce that purpose in life has been fulfilled, as I now how this medium sized Freddo. My only goal now is to achieve a bigger Freddo. A large Freddo. Hopefully Cadbury (apparently they're Cadbury now, not Cadbury's, so that's weird) will soon make a shockingly big Freddo to appease me.

Please survey these grainy images and join with me in reverent celebration of the sweet frog. He is wearing a Christmas hat in October, which I would usually judge and deride him for, but since it's Freddo I think we can allow this indiscriminate Christmas-summoning behaviour. Actually, I'm tempted to remove the hat since it's only mildly sewn on, but I don't want to be rude. I mean, if Freddo wants to pay tribute to Santa at all times of the year then who am I to come between him and his passions?

Regardless, he's cute and I love him. Even if his legs aren't stuffed very generously. It's fine.

Secret Rejected Drawings

I've collected a bunch of drawings that just didn't quite fit in other places and I'm gonna post them here in this discount bin of drawings. Rifle through them, chaotically arranged, and only 20p each!

It's funny to think about being a person who draws stuff online, because when the vast majority of stuff you make gets posted for a lot of people to see, it inevitably affects the way you make things to some extent. I know when I'm drawing something that I'm probably going to post it somewhere. It's probably going to be viewed. There's an awareness of the communicative nature of the thing from the moment I press my pen to paper. It's strange. Like as soon as I'm drawing, maybe it's not just mine anymore.

Although I think I'm pretty good at just focusing on the drawing, or just doodling if that's what I feel like doing, it's interesting to think about how that awareness might be something you can't be fully removed from. Still, I think it makes me happier and more carefree to know that people are usually going to see what I'm doing. I film the process of painting more and more for my videos, and it makes the entire process of making something this more community-focused thing. It's me doing stuff on my own, in a pretty relaxed way, but later people get to come in and noodle around that process, like little future internet ghosts.

I think it's nice to share that process, of the way I move, the way I arrange paper haphazardly on my coffee table, maybe the way I accidentally spray green paint on my slippers. I remember being super nervous about people watching me drawing when I was younger, but now I think I could probably sit on a podium and draw funky-shaped dogs in front of confused crowds for hours.

Everything's just out there in the open. And that's one reason I love sharing process in various ways. Also, though, it's just interesting and I always love to see process stuff from other people. But having said that, it's really valuable and nice to keep some stuff to yourself. I think it can be kinda hard striking that balance when you're incredibly online, because you want to share everything and just maybe upload your whole self, but it feels really good and healthy to save some stuff just for you.

I mean, I love my bad drawings. They're the best! Although I don't necessarily want to share them, they capture something - a moment, a thought, or just a part of myself - that I often want to keep. I think it's a constant question that you have to keep revisiting a little bit, that idea of how much you're going to share. What you're going to post and why.

I think that sometimes I'm excited to share stuff that actually could've been better to keep to myself, or maybe to send to one friend in particular and make them laugh. But there's no right answer when it comes to all that.

It's also pretty fun sometimes to flip that around and share stuff that you might usually keep to yourself. These drawings are all discarded from my pile of "stuff to post on Twitter". They're full of messy lines, unfinished concepts, and compositions I know could be a little better. But y'know, I love them the way they are. This is my brain working stuff out.

I'm not sure if I'd ever drawn a seal before making this little comic pictured above, but sometimes the urge strikes you, out of nowhere, and you are compelled to draw a seal. It's one of the mysteries of life. The great many wonders of this world.

And like many mysteries, I am revealing this one. But you know, feel free to keep some things secret. Just for you.

My Favourite Carly Rae Jepsen Lyrics

Listen, some things are unexplainable in the way that they make everything good and right. Those things for me are the rain and Carly Rae Jepsen (and maybe listening to Carly Rae Jepsen in the rain). So many of her lyrics and themes and synths just feel like they are the scaffolding around my heart. So I'm gonna list some of my favourite lines from her songs. Have I ever had a better blog post idea? No.

Anyway, here they are. I love them all.

You pulled a gem out of the mess
- Higher

Wow, love this cute imagery about how good things can sometimes be found wrapped up in bad things. Very nice, very cool. Honestly I just love to think about gems and orbs. And Carly Rae holding many gems and orbs. That's the image I think about when I go to bed. My fantasy.

Show me if you want me, if I'm all that
I will be there, I will be your friend

- All That

The Blood Orange production drips off this and it is like the most welcoming log cabin fire ever. I love this chorus line for its gentle, swaying, soaring feel like floating down a waterfall, but also just because "I will be there" is so comforting in its simplicity. Thanks for being my friend, Carly, in this song specifically.

Eyes that show kaleidoscopes
- Favourite Colour

I love the twinkly, magical feeling of this song, and this line reflects that perfectly. Carly Rae Jepsen is twirling the kaleidoscope endlessly and we are all her humble and enchanted viewers.

You say love's a fragile thing
Made of glass
But I think
Your heart is a muscle

- Your Heart Is A Muscle

This is so cute and encouraging, okay, really I just need Carly Rae Jepsen to send me uplifting messages and dog pictures. That's what I need in my life, and these lyrics make me think she'd do it. Send me the dogs, Carly.

Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Uh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Will never let me go
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Uh oh Curiosity

- Curiosity

Yeah that's right, I saved the best for last. Sometimes you need the sweet sound of some "oh"s. Sometimes nothing expresses anything better. But then maybe I'm stuck on this one because this is the song that made me love her after the landslide that was Call Me Maybe, but before the coming of the very invention of music itself, E•MO•TION. So y'know, Curiosity is the best.

Anyway, just, the main thing is that I love her so much.

Pyjamas Are Good

I've been thinking about pyjamas. Specifically these Miffy ones that I saw someone post about on Twitter, because I love Miffy and they're so cute. I'm a pyjama fan and I feel that we should all talk about and respect the pyjamas in our lives more. Would I wear pyjamas to a function at any possible opportunity and with the most flimsy excuse ever? Yes. Would I wear pyjamas to go to the shops? Yes. And you should praise me for doing so, because I am correct and free in my love of pyjamas, and this is to be commended (perhaps rewarded).

These are £6 from Primark and we are not worthy.

I mean, I'm not saying give me some kind of award and accolade for wearing pyjamas, but actually, yes I am saying that. Here are some pyjamas that are cute. Come with me on a pyjama tour. Take my hand, clutch a teddy bear in your other arm, and frolic with me into the land of sleepwear.

£25 from Missguided.

You cannot tell me this is not business wear. This is the wear of business. If I wear this I'm about to talk about synergy and sell you an ice cream (because I'm good at multitasking, and business). It does feel a bit jarring to see that make up with the extremely business ice cream pyjamas though. Please at least make the models look sleepy and like they have never brushed their hair for their entire lives so I can actually imagine myself going to sleep wearing this. That's the least I can ask for, the least I need in order to make a pyjama decision. Okay, but anyway, I want them.

These are £22.46 each from AliExpress.

These are actually the cutest things I've ever seen in my life, and I want to wear them not only to sleep but also to venture into the forest alone, early in the morning, and happen upon a talking bear who will take me to an alternate land full of talking bears. Yes I'm basing this on a Studio Ghibli movie, and no you cannot stop my talking animal related adventure fantasies. Anyway, I will definitely have to wear this to my personal Ghibli fantasy. Just understand that I must.

This beautiful art can be had for approx. £10 from DHgate.

Finally, I happened upon these weird bootleg Garfield pyjamas and I can't begin to tell you of the thrill that they produce within my heart. Look at them. So beautiful. So elegant. So Garfield.

God I love pyjamas.

Very Good Paintings

Please look at these good paintings. They are of mysterious and elegant creatures. Please respect them and their unfathomable beauty.

Don't try to understand them. Simply survey them in awe and wonder. Accept that you may not understand all of life's secrets, and that's okay. Live a life of blissful confusion amongst all of these scintillating horses.

Feel your mind expanding, contracting, whirling, crashing into a tree, etc. Everything will be fine. Just look at all these good horses.

I Finally Played 'Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp'

Whenever there's a hot new video game app I'm usually like, "oh, I have a phone made in 1632, so I guess I won't be able to play this enticing phone game that everyone is into," and I move on with my life tending to the flowers in the meadow. But everything's different now and I may finally taste the delights of modern technology. Now, I realise that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was released a full year ago, but since I got a new phone pretty recently I have figured out that I can actually try it out. So that's what I finally did this week, and it rules.

Me having a good time with a dog. This is the life.

Just hanging out by this plant.

I wasn't too sure what to expect from a mobile version of Animal Crossing. I was sceptical of how it would play on a phone and thought that maybe it was a blessing in disguise that I couldn't play it. I figured it wouldn't be as relaxing or fun to play on a phone. When I got around to playing it, though, I was pretty pleasantly surprised. I would say it doesn't feel nearly as authentically community and friendship focused as the console editions just because it feels a lot more collect-y and level-up focused, but I wouldn't call that a downside as such. It's a different kind of game, and while it lacks the ambling and building sense of belonging and neighbourliness of other Animal Crossing games, it does bring a more traditionally compelling gameplay style along with ways to craft, collect, complete tasks, and level up exponentially.

My friends all love to hang out next to my coffin.

Welcome to camp!

A lot of the comfort in the Animal Crossing series as a whole comes from the routines present in all the little things you can do, and this is applied really well to Pocket Camp with implementations of timed wait systems that in most mobile games are incredibly annoying. In this game, it makes sense to have wait times for all the things that have wait times (e.g. new requests from animals, item crafting) because there are a surprising amount of things you can do that allow you to play in quite long sittings. I can play this game for far too long. And I will. Because it's fun.

That said, the game does lag sometimes, and ultimately I prefer the complexities of the console titles (as well as the lack of the weird loot box style monetisations that come with a free to play mobile game - I'd always rather buy a good game outright), so I'll be really looking forward to that Animal Crossing title for the Nintendo Switch. That means I've gotta get a Switch, too, but until then, I'm crafting the sweetest camp you can imagine.