Girl & Paintbrushes

Well, it's officially been a thousand years since I did my last 'scanner adventures' post, so here I am listening to The Psychedelic Furs, nestled in my cosy cardigan and wondering lazily what the future will bring. I spent the day painting, thinking I should paint more. I should always paint more.

I'm wondering about other things, aimlessly, like what if I had jet black hair? Would it suit me, or would I look pale and odd? Obviously a Kylo Ren shaped shadow is still hanging around at the back of my mind, influencing me. Or how about - what if I started wearing a gentle pink blush around the edge of my eyelids, and also a cone bra (not around my eyelids)? As you can see, I have a lot of excellent ideas.

At least the 'paint more' idea is unquestionably good and can never be challenged. I can always paint more, cone bra and jet black hair or not.

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