Zaful Wishlist: 5 Cute Two Pieces & 5 Accessories

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Zaful asked me to write a little wishlist, and of course since I love writing wishlists and could do so all day long, I decided to write one focusing on their adorable array of two piece sets. There's something undeniably cute about a matching two piece. I've also included some accessories I like, because I think Zaful does well on accessories. Well, let's get to it!

1. Floral Bralette & High Waisted Ruffle Shorts - $19.49

This is a really delicate and summery two piece. I love the pattern and the shape of the bralette top. Obviously a lot of the two pieces here are quite summery and beachy looking, but this one is probably my favourite because the cut and design are so pretty.

2. Cut Out Crop Top & Shorts Set - $14.64

I love this because it looks like a vintage swimming costume and just has a really nice shape to it. I also adore mustard yellows and have been meaning to try incorporating yellow into my wardrobe a bit more, so this would be a nice addition for that.

3. Halter Floral Crop Top With Shorts - $18.99

This is another mustard yellow set, but I chose this one because of its floral print (I really do like a good floral print) and the tie detail on the halter neck top. It's very cute, with just a hint of Enid Blyton to it.

4. Striped Backless Cami Top & Shorts Set - $19.02

Now this one is a super smart monochrome option. I really like the bold stripes, as well as the crisscross strap detail. This is like workwear for the beach, and I love it.

5. Floral Off Shoulder Top & Wrap Mini Skirt - $25.49

Yes, I have chosen yet another mustard yellow set, and it's floral too! This one has a wrap skirt, which has a lovely ribbon tie, and I really like the ruching detail on the collar. It's a nice soft style.

And now for some accessories!

6. Faux Pearl Collarbone Necklace - $3.15

I love tiny necklaces like this, so I can't resist this neat little pearl necklace. Short, simple necklaces are my favourite, and I love this classic style.

7. Metal Hexagon Chain Drop Earrings - $3.01

These are not the type of earrings I'd usually wear, but they're super elegant and pretty. Maybe I should start being more adventurous with my earrings (*Pat Butcher's voice eggs me on in the distance*). I'm usually a simple stud wearer, but these drop earrings are calling me over to the dark side (of earrings).

8. Crystal Bullet Necklace - $3.58

I love this shape and style of pendant. There's nothing like a big piece of beautiful rock to make you feel oddly comforted - or maybe that's just me. I've been admiring simple crystal necklaces like this for a while. They just feel a bit magical.

9. Faux Crystal Choker - $2.50

I had to include a choker, because quite frankly if I don't, the choker police will come and get me. So here's a choker. It's a nice choker.

10. Transparent 2 Pieces Crossbody Bag Set - $17.49

Last but not least, I found this really cool transparent bag set. There's something about transparent bags I really like, but I love that this comes as a set so you have the opaque bag to put inside your transparent bag. They both look nice and stylish. I suggest putting several baby birds in your transparent bag, so they can see the outside world as they travel.


And that's it for my Zaful wishlist post. Let me know which item you like best, and also whether you find crystal pendants mysteriously comforting like I do. Also, please tell me what you would put on display in a transparent bag.


  1. (accessories-wise I think I like the pearl necklace the best - so dainty and cute!)

  2. the faux pearl necklace is so cute! I've been really into jewelry lately and I keep seeing earrings that I <3 like those dangly ones, I just need to get my ears pierced! x

    1. Yes, the earrings are cool. My grandma never got her ears pierced but she always seems to have some interesting clip-on ones!

  3. These are super super cute picks!
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