Naughty Bunnies

I decided to do a little bit of painting, as the time is always right for diving into some colour, so here are a few things. Tentative paintings as I creep across the paint palette. Actually, I'm feeling kinda cautious, but at the same time reckless. I like to make the smooth, well-worn movements I'm used to when painting (especially with characters that I draw so much that they've long been embedded in my muscle memory), but I also want to do those big splodges and make expanding messes. Use too much water and watch colour spider outwards in branching liquid lines. It's all a game of movement. Painting is just like playing Twister, I think.

I have at least eight notebooks I need to fill up. I wonder how long they'll take. Some are really small, and some are quite large. I'm going to destroy all of them. It's going to be great. Anyway, I like how all the colours here worked together. I wanted to use a lot of colour, like I was on a mission to use all of the "main" colours. Eleven tubes of paint are patiently waiting for me, so I've got to make the most of them. Sometimes it's just the nicest thing to use a bit of blue/red/yellow. Mix it into some soft purple, and sea green.

Mauve and red are meant to be together. The colours of the body, and the heart, and the evil bunny.

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