Black Paintings: Bunnies, Birds, & Worms

I painted someone reminding me to paint, so that I'll be reminded to paint. A flawless plan. I currently have three black tubes of paint. One of them is an extra large tube that looms over me in the night and haunts my dreams. Obviously, that means I've got to use a lot of black paint, unless I want to be a neglectful and TERRIBLE person. So I had a nice and relaxing time painting all of these little pals. Don't worry, black paint, I have a lot of things for you to do.

I want to include puffy little tails on bunnies a bit more often, so I'm trying out these less anthropomorphised bunny forms. With little round bums and puffball tails. They're cute. Also they may hover sometimes. They're very mysterious.

Here's just... me, being shocked. Probably by floating bunnies.

And for some reason I painted a worm with a baseball cap. I think the bird respects the worm's sweet sense of style too much to consume him.

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